Experience Shophouse Coworking

Be it from a coworking space, office space or a home office, us humans want to work productively and meaningfully. And to thrive in the current gig economy in which people are becoming increasingly isolated, we at Mutual Works believe there is a need to optimise and keep in balance the 4 intimate aspects of work - Place, People, Habits and Meaning

The Shophouse Coworking Experience is a deliberate and thoughtfully curated experience, meant to cultivate the 4 connections through architectural design, human factor integration and community building.

Great space and conveniently near train stations. Excellent communication from staff who were extremely helpful (sent map and location instructions prior, lent adapter, showed good coffee place etc). Other co-sharers were friendly too! Highly recommend to anyone looking for an inspiring space to work from.
— Chiara | Founder, Ciiara

Location, Location, Location

Work is a daily affair and that makes travelling to office a daily affair that is of utmost importance to your productivity. Choose an office space with a convenient & accessible location. For Mutual Works, we are situated near 4 Mass-Rapid Transit (MRT) stations on 3 different MRT service lines, 5 bus stops and 374 Carpark Lots.


What’s in the hood?

You are not going to stay cooped up in your office all day (please don’t!), so a suitable office neighbourhood is important. Mutual Works is based in the lively heritage district of Jalan Besar, choose to experience the modern-day buzz in Mustafa, Don Don Donki and Daiso, be inspired by local creative works, sip artisan coffee at a woodfired restaurant or savour a wide range of delicacies from the likes of Curry Rice, Dim Sum, Laksa, and Thai food, all in one neighbourhood.


Who’s here?

We may be becoming increasingly independent as workers in the gig economy but we are afterall social creatures! As such, it is really important to belong to a community - one that you can contribute to and benefit from win-win relationships. The community at Mutual Works comprises of authentic & thoughtful entrepreneurs and change-makers who strives to make the world a better one each day. Forge authentic friendships and win-win partnerships here with your fellow human.


A space for you

We humans make sense of places we interact with every moment and it is important that a place meet our needs functionally and emotionally (yes, it should #sparkjoy). At Mutual Works, we invest in business-grade equipments ranging from enterprise-grade high-speed internet connection to electrical surge protection devices to meet your office needs. By combining air-purifying desk plants, an abundance of natural light and warm wood furnitures, we strive to provide a warm hospitable and peaceful vibe for meaningful conversations and productive work.